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Presentation Skills

Deliver Effective Presentations

Creating Life Balance has developed proven tools that help executives prepare and then deliver their important messages to any audience. Build confidence by providing practical approaches for organizing and delivering effective presentations.

Every session also includes role-playing in which participants prepare and then deliver a presentation. The Presentation is video-taped, and personal, one-on-one consulting for feedback.

Presentation Skills Training can be delivered to groups or one-on-one. The training experience includes tools for:

  • Getting organized- The how-to of preparing for an effective presentation
  • Using PowerPoint to deliver effective message
  • Incorporating Elements of Style – utilizing voice, facial expressions, eye-contact, strong posture, and appropriate gestures
  • Question & Answer techniques
  • Eliminating filler words: the “ums”, “ahs” and “you knows”
  • Managing a hostile audience
  • Being the most effective presenter