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Work/Life Balance

Balance Is The Key To Your Happiness
Business Coach-Los Angeles, Pasadena

To attain the happiness you desire, you need to approach your life in a balanced way, giving attention to all areas of your life – not just financial, but intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical. Happiness comes naturally when you have all these areas of your life in balance.

If your life consists of waking up exhausted, skipping breakfast, rushing off to work, working through lunch, coming home late at night and crashing into bed – only to repeat it all again five hours later – then that is not a recipe for happiness. Consider instead this example: you wake up well-rested, eat breakfast, give yourself some time for reflection, work, meditate, spend time with family and friends, take a relaxing, hot shower and curl up in bed with a good book at a reasonable hour.

See the difference?

You have to work and pay your bills; nobody’s going to argue with you on that. But life is more than working to pay bills. Create some balance in your life, and watch how peace, harmony and happiness follow.

How to Create Balance in your life

If you are stressed and overworked, then knowing how to get off the Ferris wheel is the first step. You want to make money, of course. But why? Does money make you happy, or are you hoping that money will buy you happiness? Sure, money can prevent you from being homeless, living on the street and needlessly suffering from treatable health conditions and hunger. So in that sense, money can buy you a standard of living that prevents certain unhappy circumstances. But beyond the basic necessities of life, money may not instill happiness, and pursuing higher levels of income and luxury may not be the path to bliss. Are you shocked yet?

To achieve true happiness, you need to acknowledge the situation you’re in: Are you putting happiness in the hands of others or by future thinking? For example, I’ll be happy when I get my next promotion, increase salary bonus, different boss, or new car.
What if you suddenly received $100,000,000? What would you do then? Would you go back to work? If accomplishing a goal diminishes or eliminates your desire to pursue more of it, then that goal did not reflect your deepest desires. But when you accomplish a goal and still feel the motivation to continue on that path, then you have found something that matters.

What makes you smile? What motivates you? It really is up to you to determine what you want in life; nobody can tell you what your life’s purpose is.

Tips to bring peace, harmony, and happiness

  • Meditate
  • Be aware
  • Feel
  • Breath and smile
  • Relax / Enjoy / Laugh / Play
  • Create / Envision
  • Let go / Forgive / Accept
  • Walk / Exercise/ Move
  • Work / Serve / Contribute
  • Listen / Learn / Inquire
  • Be curious
  • Consider / Reflect
  • Cultivate friendship and collaboration
  • Open up / Expand / Include
  • Lighten up
  • Dream
  • Celebrate and appreciate
  • Give thanks
  • Evolve
  • Love
  • Share / Give / Receive
  • Live gently
  • Simplify
  • Surrender / Trust


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